Today's Scrim against xN. Results.... "Draw" (lol)

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Today's Scrim against xN. Results.... "Draw" (lol)  Empty Today's Scrim against xN. Results.... "Draw" (lol)

Post  Oly *O on Thu Jan 20, 2011 6:47 am

Guys Congradulations to Fragzzz, SaVe Me, Gemini, Spear}{ and myself for the great work we acheived today in our scrim. We all done well for our first ever time all together. We can definatly get better and improve...I am hoping to set up a new topic in forums called Strats and I will place strategies in there for every map...this may help us in the long run to work better as a team. Anyways guys....
Great job and Im sorry to Universe who missed out, don't worry mate you will be in the next scrim.
Regards Oly,
Oly *O
Oly *O

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